About us

Awakening Pyramid has mission to speed up the spiritual growth of the planet. Enhance the experience of humans inner journey with the help of our handcrafted metaphysical instruments. As a collective we believe that changing world starts with ourselves. Change needs to come from within. The world will appreciate it. 

We like to compare our company to a ship, a vessel of growth that has given us the ability to reach new horizons. It has become clear that we are on the right path.  

Our "ship" captain Kriss has been creating pyramid structures since 2014. As a typical visionary he started alone in his garage based in eastern Europe. It was a challenging beginning for him due to the fact that most of society didn't understand what he was offering. Back then most of his friends and relatives were constantly asking questions like, what are you making there? Crystal energy? Pyramids? Spirituality & enlightenment?....C'mon Kriss find a real job.  

But he didn't listen to the naysayers or sceptics, his heart knew what to do. He knew what was the true destination and purpose of his life. He found himself on the boat alone but he was headed in the right direction. His course was to help humanity grow spiritually.

Kriss worked on himself and constantly stepped out of his comfort zone. He immersed himself in the spiritual world and reached out to like minded people in his community. Everything changed when he met his spiritual teacher. With the help of his teacher he gained a deeper understanding of all metaphysical energies, ether, crystals, reiki. Through learning and practicing, he was able to see how everything is connected and tied together. He then began to assemble pyramids following the guidance of his teacher.

Popularity for his creations picked up, people started to connect to his work naturally, seeking help to enhance spiritual practices with his instruments. New possibilities opened up and that gave him the push to do more. From then on the work continued and hasn't stopped.

The operation has grown a lot in the past few years. Now more than 5000 orgonite and piezoelectric pyramids have been sold worldwide. Many new metaphysical instruments have been created in the workshop. Inspiration and innovation never stop and never will. 
Now the operation consist of five friends that have different skills, similar dreams, and the same vision. We invite you for a ride on our spaceship to discover uncharted territories.


awakening pyramid about us


Awakening Pyramid team Kriss


Kriss was raised in architect & artisan family.  Influenced by geometry and natural beauty he want to studied and graduated from University later to become an electrical engineer. He is fascinated with everything that has energy in, out, around, above, and beyond. His drive to get to know this magical power started the first time he saw a light bulb turn on. His contagious passion has become the driving force for the company he created in 2014. Kriss is also a certified Reiki healer and practitioner. His mission is to keep creating new metaphysical instruments and using pyramid structures to help people tap into the most abundant energy out there - Ether.

Awakening Pyramid team Arthur


Arthurs tried several different careers in various fields including consulting, marketing, IT, and design before he joined Kriss and his adventures. After seeking truth he soon understood that the only way to true happiness is by following his passion. Soon after he fell in love with plant medicine, esotericism, wisdom seeking and started to design his life around helping people and nature around us. He love plants and all living beings.  Arthur is fun, socially active, and finds something fascinating in everything he is around. His campaigner personality and urge to create are just what the team needs to help steer this "ship" towards our mutual vision.


Awakening Pyramid team johnJohn is our supply and quality inspector on "ship". He loves to create with his hands and always has the right tools to complete any project effectively. He is fascinated by the power of creativity. John is interested in exploring the deep philosophical questions about life and beyond. His mission is to keep an eye on the production process and hold quality standards to the highest grade. His vision and practical expertise make him an invaluable member of the team.  He loves animals and has been a vegan for most of his life.

MIchelle Buroz


Michelle can be compared to a pyramid herself - that is multifaceted, holds many secrets, and gives incomprehensible power and possibilities. She is a woman who is interested in everything that gives the opportunity to get to know herself more. Before she found her home in Latvia, she traveled around the world seeking her true purpose. Whatever if it has been America or Europe she has always been stranded by likeminded people that brings something new to her life. On a daily basis, she helps with her light-worker skills as helps in local community. On her free time she enjoy making jewellery, books binding,  making natural health products. Michelle have many talents and to be honest - she is great in all of them...