The Ancient Wisdom Of Pyramids

What is a pyramid and where are they located?

Pyramids are structures made from triangular walls that form a peak and meet at the top. There are many ancient pyramids that have been discovered all over the world. Even though most people are familiar only with the great pyramids of Giza, there are thousands of pyramids out there. Almost every ancient culture and civilisation has left behind one of these incredible structures. Some notable examples include the Bosnian Pyramids, Chichen Itza in Mexico and Tikal in Guatemala.

Pyramids of the world

Why were they built? - speculation

It is no secret that these ancient cultures were using these pyramids and working with their energies. They were built by genius minds and constructed by means that we cannot conceive. 


Youtube channel 'Bright Insight" bring to us comprehensive research that gives interesting perspective on these amazing megastructures...

So many things about pyramids remains a mystery. Questions after questions.  There have been many scientific experiments on the healing, life preserving, protective and harmonising effects of pyramids. Pyramids have magical power.
As we  saw in video some even have concluded that the great pyramids of Giza were constructed as power plants or meditation chambers to develop and enhance psychic powers. 

This next Gaia video about Pyramid gives many perspectives on this topic. 
And the rabbit hole starts here...

Energy in Nature - science approved facts!

Energy in Pyramid structure - history or mythology ? 


Our earth is interdimensional connected & electromagnetically charged. This combination has great power. Over the years, this powerful energy has been given many names like Chi Energy, Life Force, and Pranic Energy.
As ancient wisdoms suggests Pyramid structure are unique sacred geometry and because of its shape, a pyramid has the ability to collect, attract and focus the gravitational and magnetic field energy that swirls all over the earth. These wonderful abilities are enhanced by the location and orientation of the pyramid according to the poles.


Energy flow inside the pyramids - fact

There is energy in everything, including the air we breathe and the spaces we live in. Pyramids have a very unique movement of energy inside them that is considered to be the reason why Pyramid Energy is so powerful. 

Pyramids are geometric amplifiers and can enhance the power of your prayer and manifestations. The apex or point of a pyramid is like an antenna and gathers cosmic energy. This energy is then transferred into the center of the structure. When meditating inside a pyramid, you can feel this flowing energy and it can help align your being into a relaxed and peaceful state. 

Electromagnetic field in Pyramid

Propagation of electromagnetic waves inside the pyramids of Cheops at different lengths of radio waves (from 200 to 400 meters). The black rectangular position of the so-called King's Chamber. Credit: ITMO University, Laser Zentrum Hannover 

The research was published in the Journal of Applied Physics (doi: 10.1063/1.5026556).


Benefits of Pyramid power and Pyramid Meditation

  • Improves air quality! Pyramids are natural ionisers and neutralise the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution from computers, televisions, cell phones, power lines, wi-fi etc.
  • Restructures and energises water. Water placed inside a pyramid is charged with negative ions which has a healing effect on the body
  • Balances the Chakras 
  • Improves mental functions like concentration and memory
  • Enhances psychic abilities 
  • Regulates body systems and cycles
  • Preserves food. Fruits and vegetables keep longer when stored inside of a pyramid structure
  • Plants grow faster and stronger. Place your houseplants inside of a pyramid and see for yourself!
  • So much more!

benefits of meditation  in pyramid

Conclusion - Experience Pyramid Energy 


We believe that using pyramids can enhance our lives. Here at Awakening Pyramid we offer the tools you need for your pyramid power journey.

There are a few ways you can experience the benefits of Pyramid Energy. The most powerful is meditating inside a pyramid structure. This experience brings you as close as the ancient civilisations to harnessing universal power and enhancing your abilities.


Other uses of pyramid stucture

Another great way to invite Pyramid Energy into your life is by using Orgonite Pyramids. They are great tools for manifestation and healing. Read full explanation in article: What is Orgonite and Orgone energy?

orgonite pyramids with crystals