What is Orgonite and Orgone energy?

Orgonite is used as a spiritual healing tool and has many health benefits, one of the most notable being its ability to protect against harmful EMF (clears electromagnetic pollution) and clears stagnant and negative energy.

But In order to understand how orgonite works, we must first understand orgone energy.

What is Orgnaite and Orgone Energy?

What Is Orgone Energy?

Orgone is type of energy. The same energy that has been called life force, prana, chi and many other names throughout history. The term orgone was first coined by an Austrian scientist Wilhelm Reich. He created devices used to measure orgone energy and later other devices that attracted and collected it. Dr. Reich’s devices were successfully used to heal his patients with various illnesses including cancer and infertility. 

Dr. Reich discovered two main types of orgone energy and called them positive orgone energy (POR) and deadly orgone energy (DOR). He believed that in order to be healthy physically and mentally we much have these two orgone energies in balance. 

Dr. Wilhem Reich was able to detect, collect and measure orgone energy with the use of his accumulators. He developed these energy accumulators by alternating wool and metals in a box-like structure. These alternating layers in his accumulators draw in and collect orgone energy and repel harmful negative energy, DOR. The patient inside the accumulator will be insusef with healing orgone energies and this was proven to help with diseases like cancer.Orgone Power


What Is Orgonite?

In essence orgonite is a mixture of different metals like copper, iron, aluminium and resin that is put together in a mold. 

But the early 2000’s based of Reich’s and his followers discoveriesDon and Carol Croft improved the original formula of Organite, by adding a crystal in resin-metal mix. The Quartz crystal, with its piezoelectric effect, amplifies the energy and helps transform the Dead Orgone (DOR) to Positive Orgone (POR). 


Orgonite can be made into many different shapes. Some common Orgonite shapes include pyramids, pendants and circular plates.  And Orgonite was brought into the masses. 

How Does Orgonite Work?

Orgonite takes in negative life energy or unbalanced orgone energy (DOR a.k.a Dead Orgone) and transforms it into positive life energy (POR). Negative life energy is produced from many places like technology devices, chemical pollution, and violent human emotion. Orgonite is a great tool for cleansing spaces and clearing negative life energy from your life.


In nut shell, negative energy enters the orgonite, and it passes through the many metal parts inside of the resin. It works like a sieve, filtering out the negative energy only leaving behind positive energy. The crystals inside the orgonite act as amplifiers in this purification process.


Benefits Of Positive Orgone Energy

Orgonite pyramids are unique because they draw in energy  with higher efficiency and return it to a natural, balanced and healthy state. This process balances and cleanses our energy and the energy of our spaces. This can have many health benefits for us including:

  • Balances moods
  • Clears electromagnetic pollution
  • Aids sleep
  • Purifies water
  • Relieves stress
  • Deepens meditation practice
  • Clears stagnant and negative emotions
  • Strengthens intentions and visualizations
  • Boosts plant growth

Orgonite devices are great tools for everyday use in this modern world. Everything is made of energy or ORGONE. When negative orgone energy or DOR accumulates it creates disease and disbalances. By using orgonite tools we can live a more balanced and healthy life in tune with the natural cycles of the earth.  

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