Spiral Guardian


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  Connection, Nature,  Stamina ✨ 
This Crystal necklace will help you to connect to Mother Earth and gives you access to its powerful energies. Connecting to earth-abundant elements will help you feel more grounded and balanced. 


Chakras -  Heart Chakra

Moss Agate will invite grounding energy into your life that can heal your body and mind. ⁣This stone has very steady energy and can be helpful for those with high stress and anxiety.


Chakras -  Throat Chakra,  Third Eye Chakra

Sodalite is a soothing and comforting stone. This soothing energy encourages us to open our minds and see things from a fresh perspective. It helps us expand our consciousness and think about our true purpose in this universe.


Chakra - Root chakra

Rudraksha seeds are powerful and will fill your body with stamina and energy. It is believed that wearing these seeds can increase mental powers and also mental clarity.

Grounding Mala with Moss Agate, Sodalite & Rudraksha Beads

This necklace has been made using the hand-knotted method. Leaving knot after every bead. This mala consists of 108 beads including Guru bead. 
    • Crystals: Moss Agate, Sodalite beads
    • Materials:  Rudraksha seeds, Crystal beads, Hand-made silk tassel, Strong nylon cord
    • Beads: 108 high-quality 0,24" (6 mm) size beads. 
    • Length: 18" (45 cm)

Please visit our blog for more information to understand more about crystal energy, pyramid structures, orgone, or sacred geometry.

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