Awakening Pyramid


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 Preservation, Re-Charge, Enhance ✨ 

Unique handcrafted titanium pyramid with a wooden base. Wood is engraved with the flower of life pattern.
titanium pyramid with wood base

This pyramid constellation works as a preservation & energy charging station. The frame is made from Titanium which is known to being pound-for-pound, the strongest metal in the world. Titanium has the ability to stabilize and align the energies that it surrounds. 

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The Flower of life is a very common symbol and known to be powerful sacred geometry that holds in itself all universal oneness. The pattern consists of 19 overlapping and interconnected circles, symbolizing perfection and harmony. This shape is a display of how all beings are interconnected. This continuous mix of energies creates a perfect balance. 

titanium giza pyramid energy station

Pyramid can be used for multiple purposes. In the structure itself, energy flows differently than around which gives the ability to slow down the aging process. One of the most popular use cases is food preservation.

Another known option to use it is as a crystal & metal charging station. You can place in it your natural gemstones and accessories or jewelry, to recharge them.
For extra power place crystals on the Flower of life plate and leave it outside when it is a full moon. 

crystal charging pyramid

This station comes pre-constructed and is ready to use immediately after receiving it. Note that the wooden plate is not water-resistant. 

Size:  10,2" (26cm) base, 6,5" (16cm) hight

To understand more about the piezoelectricity effect in crystals, pyramid structures, orgone, or sacred geometry please visit our blog for more information. 


Chakras - Heart Chakra



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