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How to get limited edition "HODL PYRMDS" NFT bundle & join the guild?

We call it Initial TIcket Offering a.k.a ITO. You can buy our "unlockable content" bundle on Opensea NFT markteplace.

Unlockable content:
1. 100% discount code for crystal pyramid (your choice)

2. NFT lottery ticket (POAP)

If you are interested in participating in any of our raffle lotteries, you will need at least one POAP in your Ethereum wallet.

For more infromation about Guild, Lottery and POAPs visit our wiki page here.

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Thank you! We will reach out to you, very soon!

PYRAMIDS are handcrafted physical objects, that are made of crystals, precious metals and other materials frozen in time.


Some may say that "cypto" is too good to be true, but wait untill your hear about metaphysical a.k.a wojoo aspects of existence.
Our pyramids also hold great powers & many ancient mysteries.
Many believe they elevate and free our thoughts from unnecessary FOMO or FUD that is lurking around us.
Our pyramids are handmade with love and care just for you and we mean it!  

Why pyramids and not cubes?

TL;DR Pyramid = collected & directed Energy flow

Even though most people are familiar only with the great pyramids of Giza, there are thousands of pyramids out there.
Almost every ancient culture and civilisation has left behind one of these incredible structures.
From ancient times people have believed their magical powers. Till this day many things about pyramids remains a mystery, but we do know a few things...
Nowadays there have been many scientific experiments on the healing, life preserving, protective and harmonising effects of pyramids.
Energy is in everything, including the air we breathe and the spaces we live in. It can be harvested, balanced and manipulated..
Pyramids have a very unique ability to work with these energies.
Movement of this cosmic energy inside the pyramid is the reason why they are such powerful tools.The apex or point of a pyramid is like an antenna and gathers cosmic energy.
This energy is then transferred into the center of the structure. The same principals applies, no matter the size of the pyramid.
These structures are geometric amplifiers and can enhance the power of your thoughts and manifestations efforts if you are near them.

The research was published in the Journal of Applied Physics (doi: 10.1063/1.5026556).

Why natural crystals and gemstones?

TL;DR Pyramid + Crystals = collected & directed & purposfull energy field

Crystals are more than just pretty rocks, they are powerful tools. Every material/mineral in universes vibrates at a different frequency and has its own individual qualities.
Each crystal & gemstone has its own energetic properties and it is believed that they can be used for healing the mind, body and spirit.
Our epoxy pyramid ehances these abilities. The pyramids work as preasure container for the crystals, in wich natural phenomena called "piezoelectric effect" occures.
Piezoelectricity is the ability of a material to generate an internal electric field when subjected to mechanical stress or strain for instance constant pressure.

Wiki about piezoelectricity (


Why precious metals?

TL;DR Pyramid + Crystals + Gold = collected & directed purposfull energy field with extra bling

Kings and queens, have always been attracted to precious metals, specially gold. Gold has been said to attract honors, manifest wealth, and happiness.
From a metaphysical aspect, gold can be used to balance energetic fields. Gold is a great conductor of electricty and compliments the crystals energy within the pyramid structure.
If handled with pure intention is even believed to stabilize the emotional system, amplify positive feelings and alleviate tension and stress.  

If you want to read more about specific topics related to our pyramids, please feel free visit our workshop blog.
article: The Ancient Wisdom Of Pyramids
article: Hidden potential of Crystals and Gemstones



TICKETS are POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs that allow us to organize blockchain-based events for our community.


Why "POAP" badges?

POAP (pronounced poh-ap) is an acronym for Proof of Attendance Protocol. These NFTs are given out to prove attendance of an event, whether it took place virtually or in the real world. Each NFT is unique, meaning that the only way to get a certain POAP is to be at the event. Collectors can quickly accumulate a unique collection of POAPs which documents their experiences and travels through the crypto space.

While POAPs were originally minted on the Ethereum main net, since in October 2020, POAPs have been created and distributed on the Ethereum sidechain xDai. Since xDai is designed for fast, inexpensive transactions POAPs are distributed for free to whoever is eligible to claim them.

To claim POAPs your will need "decentralised Web3.0 wallet". We recomend Metamask browser extantion - it is easy and safe to use. Click here to get free "Metamask" wallet on your device.

Watch this video!

LOTTERY is blockchain event at wich excisting pyramid owners can have an oppurtunity to win more amazing pyramids.


By collecting POAPs our community is eligable to take part in every LOTTERY  that will be organized by us.
Simply by holding our POAPs in your Ethereum wallet you become eligable to win extra pyramids.

Our plan is to not over saturate the raffles, so every lottery ticket you get is very precious.
Remember: 1 of our POAP = 1 Lifetime lottery ticket.
In other words, I wouldn't miss another opportunity to get my hands ono

Every LOTTERY will be powered by https://poap.fun/
It is blockchain based event that is provable, transparant and fair in any way.

real PYRAMID bought and recieved
1 free POAP claimed in ETH wallet
1 entry in LOTTERY to win more PYRAMIDS

NOTE! Every pyramid has it own " design serie", and every design serie has it own POAPs.
To be eligable for more entries by one wallet address you need to hold different POAPs.
Golden edition POAPs are exclusive and come in very small quantity - fore these POAPs will have more benefits then other.