Awakening Pyramid


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Fortune, Prosperity, Wealth✨ 

This pyramid will help you manifest wealth. Write your goals on a piece of paper and place them under the pyramid, this way you'll maximize the manifestation effect.  It functions as a transmitter for directing intention. Place it next to you while meditating. A clear aim for using the pyramid is relevant because it will come to life surprisingly soon. Place the pyramid with dignity as it is very powerful. Place it in a conspicuous place for yourself around 0.5 – 1m high from the floor and orient it using a compass so that the side is parallel to the North-South axis. It is your personal thing, so keep it safe.

abundant wealth inception pyramid with lapis lazuli pyramid and amber

By keeping the pyramid close to your workplace or altar you'll give your dream the extra attention. Manifestation happens more efficiently when you tune your surrounding frequency with your thoughts and actions. 

abundant wealth inception pyramid with lapis lazuli pyramid and amber

The crystals embedded inside will work in your favor. Lapis lazuli is a powerful thought amplifier that stimulates psychic abilities. Amber brings stability in life and also motivates us to achieve goals. Citrine is a dynamic stone that teaches how to attract and manifest prosperity, wealth, success, and good things in general.  

abundant wealth inception pyramid with lapis lazuli pyramid, amber and citrine


This handmade Pyramid structured piezoelectricity generator is made of natural crystals, gemstones, and 24 Karat gold flakes that are embedded in epoxy resin.

    • Crystals: Lapis Lazuli pyramid, Citrine, Amber
    • Metals: Gold flakes
    • Dimensions: 3" (7,5cm) base, 4,9" (12,5cm) height
    • Type: Medium size Nubian pyramid 


To understand more about the piezoelectricity effect in crystals, pyramid structures, orgone, or sacred geometry please visit our blog for more information. 

piezoelecricity effect


lapis lazuli


 Throat ChakraThird Eye Chakra



  Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus ChakraCrown Chakra

baltic amber


 Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra Throat Chakra 

24 karrat gold


  Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Crown Chakra



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